Just a view: Jet Yod Road Chiang Rai


Just another bar on Jet Yod Road…

Sitting next to someone’s empty Leo beer bottle, I uncomfortably rest on a tree trunk stool outside a closed Rasta bar on the seediest street in Chiang Rai. When I hear my geezer neighbors talk about how much they pay for women, I know they come to this street. Old white men roost themselves in bars in the rising heat of the day; smoking, coughing, you know that gurgly cough and looking lonely. A tattoo needle is buzzing. That Thai guy strums some tunes on his guitar.

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6 month ghosts (unlock the mind)

A horse trailer is a lot like a moving van and that's why we used it way back in 2008!

A horse trailer is a lot like a moving van and that’s why we used it way back in 2008!


I want to fish as deep as down as possible into my own subconscious in the belief that once that far down, everyone will understand because they are somewhat the same that far down. – Jack Kerouac

Alright. I’ve signed up for WP’s Writing 101 course. And for our first assignment we had to free write for 20 minutes. After completing it, I dug up my writing class notes and thought this stream of consciousness exercise is something I should do every day. I think it’s a good writing habit.

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Liebster Award #2

I've graduated from the school of Liebster, right?

I’ve graduated from the school of Liebster, right?

Jenny from And Three To Go nominated me for my second Liebster Award. How sweet! She’s a travel/expat/mommy blogger exploring Phuket, Thailand (and many other places), with her husband and little girl. I really like Jenny’s point of view and even though I do not have children, I find her relateable. Thanks Jenny!

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I quit liking things on FB and all I got was annoyed.


messing around @Akha Ama Coffee in Chiang Mai

A friend of mine posted this challenge and I thought, Yeah, I can do that, too. So, I announced on FB that I was going to stop liking things for 2 weeks and instead of liking things, I made more comments. But this didn’t last long. In fact, I think I only lasted a few days.

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