Was it really stealing? Stealing is wrong.

First of all, let me say that I’ve never stolen anything before. Well, that was what I truly thought until I started to write and then I began to remember my dishonest and theiving past. I was astonished, really. It’s funny what we forget and what we remember once we start writing. Forgive me and my mother, dear readers, forgive us.

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You catch my eye Chiang Rai (bugs and stuff)


I love it when bugs show up conveniently.

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You catch my eye Chiang Rai


Valentine’s Day faded red. Kisses for you.

There is nothing particularly beautiful about these pictures. They are merely what catches my eye while I am walking. I’m afraid I’m drawn to the mundane. Although, I think it’s a mistake to think something is boring.

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Things I’m liking (sharing the love) #2

Muay Thai training, Lamphun, 2007

Muay Thai training, Lamphun, 2007

I have to admit. I’m not in the best form. And what I mean by this is I’m overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done.

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Cimelo: Antique shop and coffee

One could argue that Thailand’s coffee culture started in Chiang Rai with the original Doi Chaang Coffee shop and restaurant opening here. It certainly helps that coffee is grown locally. Lee’s Akha Ama Coffee is grown nearby, as is his apprentice’s – Tu’s from Nangnon Coffee.

So it’s little wonder that interesting coffee shops have gained popularity and have cropped up in Thailand, specifically in a town as small as Chiang Rai. Now, I certainly have not gone to all of them here, but I feel lucky to have found one of the cutest ones. Located just off of Honglee and Rathotya, I’ve enjoyed my time hanging out there in the very cold air conditioned rooms with a lovely treat and coffee.

I am gumdrop toys, tin robots, a movie reel and a glass table top.

I am tricycles climbing up a house, hot coffee and Saturday morning cartoons.

I am dessert on a swing.


What is your relationship with food?


Decadent chocolate cake by Miss Yui @ The Golden Triangle Cafe.

Eating as a kid – in the beginning, there was sugar.

My brother and I pretty much had free range over the foods we wanted. But not in a “Do you want sushi or beef wellies?” kind of way, more like we rode the shopping cart down commissary food aisles with reckless joy throwing in Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Ho-ho’s – kind of way. We enjoyed our junk food and took full advantage that our immigrant mom didn’t know any better. I’m also sure she wanted to give to us what she didn’t have as a child in rural Thailand.

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Why do guys like crazy girls?


@ Cimelo Cafe, Chiang Rai, 2014


Being called crazy is usually considered positive and fun. Rarely is crazy what it really is – insanity. Blame it on slang, youth culture, or pop music, crazy, these days, seems to be crazier than ever.

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