Asian American American holidays

Larry, Mom and me at Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai, 1979.

Larry, Mom and me at Doi Suthep. [Thailand, December 1979]

American holidays overseas don’t take on any extraordinary meaning, if anything they seem to diminish in specialness. And that’s okay. I think what really helps me is I’m a first-generation American, and what that means is, holidays as a child were perfunctory and often awkward occasions.

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I’ve been nominated for my blogging performance.

sisterhood blogIt’s award season again and I’ve been nominated for my blogging performance.

*snaps open fan*

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A lifetime of eating impatiently (how we eat)

I never do this, but I couldn’t resist typing on my phone, “Isn’t it strange that the Indian kid keeps yelling, “Burger, burger!”? and handed it to my b/f to read since I couldn’t very well say it in front of the family as they were sitting right next to us.

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Has living overseas + travel made you more patient?

Staff at Banteay Kdei taking it easy while it rains.

Staff at Banteay Kdei. It’s raining.

“Time, time, time, see what’s become of me.” – Hazy Shade of Winter, Simon & Garfunkel

Since moving abroad, I’ve taken on a different perception of time. I’m convinced time moves slower. Concepts like a “long time” and “being on time” are completely relative to the landscape, the people and the mode of transportation. Living overseas, specifically SE Asia has rubbed off some of my time-sensitive Americanism. My sanity, frankly, can’t afford it to be any other way.

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Behind the scenes: a blogging + writing life

“I just called to say, I love you…” [bananas at Psar Leu market, Siem Reap]

For the first time since I’ve started Life, the Universe and Lani, this blog feels like an inadequate outlet. I wouldn’t go so far to say, I’ve outgrown it, but I need to make some changes.

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Why I love Angkor Wat

Inside Angkor Wat, photo by EW.

Inside Angkor Wat reflection, photo by EW.

Most folks were surprised to hear that I went to Angkor Wat for 3 days. I suppose people generally visit for one or two days, but not 3. As much as I’d like to confess that I’m a hard-core nerd, I’m just an average Jane who majored in Archaeology and enjoys being in nature. And that’s it, that’s enough for me to sit back in the tuk-tuk and deeply feel the cool wind blowing all around me. That is to say, it doesn’t take much to make this girl happy.

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The Expat Celebrity Syndrome

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