Fish out of water: expat bloggers interview series #3

interview-seriesWhat impresses me about Amanda from Teaching Wanderlust is her solo travel spirit. She’s  young, determined and passionate about traveling and teaching. And I wish I could remember how I found her, or who found who, so that just let’s you know that I’ve been reading Amanda’s blog for sometime now.

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At home in Siem Reap (part 2)

Through the back door...

Through the back door…

I wake up to the sound of our local handyman sawing ice. It’s a slow sounding push, the rhythm, soft, the ice surrendering to Jahb’s saw. His saw appears rusty, prehistoric, with fine-long-sharp teeth. Sometimes he runs the ice through a “shaved ice” machine that was once red, it sounds old and temperamental, but he never crushes ice in the early morning.

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At home in Siem Reap

Chiang Mai Thailand, Siem Reap Cambodia roads. Guess which one is more difficult to drive down?

Chiang Mai Thailand on the left and Siem Reap Cambodia on the right. Guess which one is more exciting during the rainy season?

Thailand is sooo easy compared to living in Cambodia. Something that takes three steps here, took one step back in T-land. Even with many Cambodians’ better command of English, the conveniences of Thailand can’t be beat. After all, there are greater numbers of tourists visiting Thailand and I’m willing to wager, more expats, too.

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First impressions on living in Siem Reap

First impressions of living in Siem Reap

About a week before we moved to Siem Reap, I was offered a job at a reputable language school, but the difficultly for me was they wanted me to start teaching soon after I landed. So my first few days were consumed with finding food and foraging for information on where to live. Not exactly the Angkor Wat induction that most folks have when they arrive in Siem Reap.

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Fish out of water: expat bloggers interview series #2

Don’t you just love being part of a community? I feel like it’s the only sane way to thrive in this big world. In the blogging sphere, WordPress can be a great way to find your tribe and another groovy WP expat blogger is Heather from 2Summers.

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12 ways to enjoy Chiang Rai

Over a year ago, we moved to Chiang Rai and I started this “12 things” series because I wanted to be cool like Lani at Pointes of View. I love her lists on Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

It’s been a good challenge to write about Chiang Rai because CR is a small town that often gets overlooked for bigger brighter Chiang Mai. But now that I’m days away from leaving, I can reflect and appreciate that I’ve lived in both Northern cities, and say I lived here and it’s been a great experience.

Let’s toast to CR with a last “12 things” list.

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My minimalism journey // part one


In 2009, I left the United States for a life abroad. I culled down my already pared down possessions without knowing when I’d be back. I haven’t been back. When I arrived in Thailand, I didn’t have much. I ignorantly made my clothing choices, grabbed a few books and a heavy HP laptop which is now pretty much obsolete.

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